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Lighting Design & Control

Choosing the type of light is a very important process in creating a perfect space . To achieve our goals we consult the architects and interior designs to define a stylish approach for each unique production . We then in turn create lights plots according to layout , furniture , color , flooring etc , along with input of end user . When we are done with the lighting design , we set up control parameters . The system design made is capable enough to give the complete control of the lighting with respect to ambience, interiors , art work,time of day , mood lighting , influencers , people etc . Architects and lighting designers have long understood the power of light and its ability to define , highlight , and transform architecture. To manipulate light in such a way as to simultaneously evoke subtlety and complexity requires a serious understanding of light .Lighting automation from Cosmic provides professional designers with the tools to fully implement their designs and users with the full enjoyment of their luxury spaces.

HVAC Control

DIN-Rail Mount, Bus Enabled, Mannual Programming Enabled. Good for Single and Multi stage Units (Heat, Cool, Single stage, Fan low, Med, High,Meduim, VAV 0-10V). Works stand alone with or without the need to have any DDP.

Security And Surveillance

Bus Enabled , Capable of Handling 250,000 Addressable Zones. Supports 8 different Divisions (Creating 8 Owner Zones inside Building). Auto Arming/ Disarming function Enabled, Arming Modes: Away, Day, Night, Night with Visitor, Vacation schedule and Life dwelling immitation with 9 daily different schedules for Irrigation , Lighting , HVAC , Pumps ++ . And If used with Logic Automation Module, then all the following Shall be Enabled: Advanced 15 Lines of Defense functionality Enabled, (Auto Bypass, restore, Day, Night Zone, Arming Delays, Macros, SMS Triggering ++) , Auto Gas Shut Off Functionality, Auto HVAC Control In case of Fire .

Audio Visual Control

These are electronic controllers for seamless control of audio and video streams in Showrooms , Malls , Hotels , Offices, Homes and Apartment Blocks. Through such controls , the same music and audio-video signals , streamed from one source can be distributed to multiple sources and controlled with simple hand held remote controllers for easy viewing on the move or for multiple clients. Systems are also integrated or separately provided for lighting controls to alter the intensity of multiple light sources.
These can also switch lights on and off with ease, from a remote location as required in auditoriums or with a hand held wireless or infra-red keypad inside individual rooms. They can help reduce electricity bills and regulate misuse. Special dome audio listening stations can also be provided for CD and DVD Audio Shops.

Motorized Shades Control

Curtain Motor Set: inclusive of 3Meters Rods with Runners & Fasteners , Motor , IR Remote control , Timer controller and scheduler , Clutch for hand operation (manual opening) , Integration NO/NC ports, IR; P.Supply. Motorized roller blinds are easy to operate. It is possible to open or close multiple shades with the touch of a switch, or the click of a mouse Electric roller blind systems are a good option for shading large windows, as the weight of an oversized shade can make it hard to operate Different fabric (solar screen fabric , blackout fabric and others) to attach different shade effect.

Website Design & Development

Cosmic Soft Solution is a premier brand in software application development. With refined and new ideas we stand out as the best web design and development company in Noida, making a difference. Believe in us and we will recreate your visions into reality with a team of adept and diligent members. We have expertise and experience to regale all your IT requirements.