Cosmic Soft Solution

Lighting Control-Home Automation-Audio Video Control-Security Control-Web Development

Cosmic Soft Solution Pvt .Ltd

We are a specialist “Automation & Lighting Control” –solution provider, operating out of Delhi- NCR. We are capable of designing high end residences and commercials and the maximum we have designed is a hub of approximate 5000 circuits in a single system considering Day Light Management.

We integrate various technologies in our solutions from High End Integrated Home Automation , to third party integration , Lighting Design and Lighting Controls , Entry Management System , Surveillance –both analog and digital IP and various types of Sensors and Detectors.

Management Message

Our aim is to provide perfect solution to the need of customer by creating a solution and not selling products, thus working towards sustainable development.

In this vast industry where technology is changing everyday , we want to bring the best to india and become the pioneer in the field of lighting and lighting control . Our Research team is always working on bringing the best and reducing cost to make the solution beneficial and cost effective for our clients.